Thursday, October 25, 2007

Namibia, Day 2

Sunday, october 21 -- The 3 guys in our group opted for a morning fishing trip, while the gals took in a game cruise down to the Chobe area, the same area where we had cruised when we were at the Chobe Lodge. We had some terrific viewing. We came across a group of hippos lounging on the banks. We got too close at one point and the big bull started to come after us. We also watched a group of elephants crossing the river to join another huge group on the island. We got as close as is possible to a herd of Cape Buffallo because they were drinking on the banks of the river and they can't jump in the river to come after us.

We came across a large strip of land that was crowded with animals. We saw giraffes, baboons, wart hogs, buffaloes, impalas, elephants, and many types of birds.

We returned in time for lunch and found that the guys were all sunburned and only Brian had caught a fish.

In the afternoon, while everyone else relaxed in their chalets, Augie and I, and Steve and Mary Anne repeated the mornings' cruise. There were not quite as many animals as there had been in the morning. We returned after dark.


Ali S. said...

hahaha...when will men ever learn?
Your morning game cruise sounds fantastic. I'm now turning a particularly dark shade of green! Ali

Mo and Augie said...

Thanks for writing, Ali. We'll probably have to wait until we get home to add some pictures. They just don't have the set up for it here.